NSK Allround

Op zaterdag 14 en zondag 15 januari 2023 organiseert D.S.V. de Skeuvel het NSK Sprint op IJsbaan Twente. Alle informatie kan gevonden worden via de knop hieronder.

Skeuvel tournament

Op zaterdag 18 en zondag 19 februari 2023 organiseert D.S.V. de Skeuvel het Skeuveltoernooi op IJsbaan Twente. Alle informatie en het inschrijfformulier kan gevonden worden via de knop hieronder.


Would you like to compete beside the training and see where you really stand? Then there is plenty of opportunity for this through various competitions. These competitions take place at every level, from beginner to advanced. Below a brief explanation of the different competitions is given.

As a member of De Skeuvel, there is the possibility to participate in various competitions. These competitions are either organized by De Skeuvel itself, other student skating associations or by the KNSB.

Have you never skated a race and do you want to know how it works? The KNSB has made a manual about competition skating which you can find here!

The University of Twente Championship is an annual competition espacially for students and employees of the University of Twente. This is at the same time the club championships. At the end of the season you can measure yourself against your buddies in your training group. There are different distances for each training group, which will become longer depending on your level. Everyone skates at least 500 meters. A ranking is created for each training group, whereby also the men and the women are being split.

The fastest skaters can compete for the title of being the "University of Twente Champion". A seperate classification is drawn up for this as well.

You can find out when the UTC (in Dutch UTK) takes place in the Competition Calendar on this page. If you have any questions regarding the UTK, you can always email

IUTs are Inter University Tournaments, these tournaments are open to any student who is a member of a Dutch skating association. Please note that the regulation FULL=FULL applies here. Most student skating clubs in the Netherlands have their own IUT, so you have the oppertunity to skate on many different tracks. We usually start in three categories, whereby the classification for the ladies is based on the 1000 meters time and for the men on the 1500 meters time. Registration for these tournaments takes place via the website of the relevant association. Also let the sportcommissioner know that you are participating, then a joint whatsapp group will be created with all the participants of Skeuvel. This way you can travel to the race together. Afterwards most associations organize a fun party.

Skeuvel also has his own IUT: "The Skeuvel Tournament". This competition is held annually on the IJsbaan Twente in Enschede. This is a two-day tournament where you can choose between Allround and Sprint. Additionally, there is also the possibility to participate for one day.

DSC (in Dutch NSK) stands for Dutch Student Championship. In total, four to five NSKs are oganized every year by different student skating associations. Four of these return every year, namely the NSK Distances, NSK Allround, NSK Sprint and NSK Marathon. The fifth NSK is a swap tournament (swapping between super sprint, team pursuit, coupling time trial, etc.). In addition, an extra NSK can sometimes take place, namely a NSK short course on natural ice. At the NSKs, a selection takes place on the basis of skated times, so the fastest skaters go for this. To participate you must be a member of a Dutch student skating association. For more information and the calendar of the IUTs and NSKs, please visit the website of the Dutch Student Skating Union:

These competitions are orginzed by the Twente track committee. They are only open to licensees, so in addition to students, also other skating associations from the region participate. Everyone has to register separately for these competitions. Click here for registration, the competition calendar and the results.

The North-East marathon competition is a competition in which races are held in different categories on the ice rinks of Heerenveen, Groningen, Leeuwarden, Deventer and Enschede. These competitions are organized by the KNSB and are open to skaters who have registered at the start of the skating season. Click here for more information.

De Skeuvel tijdrit is een wielerwedstrijd voor studenten wie een afstand van 5.4 Km zo snel mogelijk kan afleggen. De tijdrit wordt vaak halverwege september gereden. Voor meer informatie check deze link.