Training in Winter

Training in Winter

Training overview

The winter season is from the first week of October until the end of March.

Day Trainings form Time Location
Monday Iceskating training 18:30 – 19:40 IJsbaan Twente
Tuesday Core- and Strength training 20:00 – 21:00 Watersport Complex
Thursday Iceskating training 17:00 – 18:10 IJsbaan Twente

Ice skating training

On Monday and Thursday there is the possibility to train on IJsbaan Twente. In principle, every member of the Skeuvel can skate once a week. However, if the training is not full, you have the opportunity to sign up for a second training. We work with a registration system via the website.

On the Ice Rink it is mandatory to wear a hat and gloves. A helmet instead of a hat is not mandatory, but is strongly advised.

Every year, the Skeuvel organizes ice skating introduction courses for its future members. Do you already know how to skate or do you want to learn how to skate, then this is the ideal opportunity to take a look at our association and learn some basic techniques . After the training, there is time to enjoy a cup of hot chocolate. Don't you have skates? No problem, we will arrange them for you. If you are interested, please email the sports commissioner.

Wil je een keertje meetrainen en heb je de introductietrainingen en schaatsclinics gemist? Voor informatie over de training, een keer meedoen bij een reguliere training of andere trainingsgerelateerde zaken kun je altijd mailen naar de sportcommissaris van De Skeuvel.

The next introduction trianing will take place during the new winter season, a specific date will follow. Sign in by mailing!

Bij De Skeuvel kennen we verschillende trainingsgroepen, zodat iedereen op zijn eigen niveau kan trainen. De trainingsgroepen zijn als volgt:

Hier begint het allemaal, de eerste meters op het ijs worden gemaakt en beetje bij beetje lukt het zelfs om af en toe op één been te glijden.

Hoe lang kun jij op één been blijven staan en durf je al om pootje over te stappen? De trainers van oranje zullen je hiermee helpen en voor je het weet glijd je stabiel over het ijs!

With increasing confidence, this group flies through the corner and over the straight, the first trains are formed and speed records are broken every training. No group makes progress as fast as yellow.

The corner is no longer a problem in this group. But finding the correct skating posture and sitting deep is the core of this group.

From well performed trains to real high speed locomotives, blue is rushing to the inner lanes of the ice rink.

Yellow Hats
Finally freed of the jerseys, yellow hats are worn with pride. After extensive slogging and many hours on the ice, this group is where it all comes together. 

Deze groep barst van de ervaring en schaatst in een sneltreinvaart over de binnenbaan. Houdingen worden geperfectioneerd. Menig lid van hesjesloos weet zich te wagen aan de tijden van de wedstrijdgroepleden, wie weet waar dit zal eindigen.

Competition Group
These inhabitants of the inner lane focus on perfecting their techniques so that they can improve their personal records. Many competition rider will be at local competitions and Dutch Student Championchips. 

Civilian Competition Group
No longer a student but still fanatic, that is what characterizes the Civilian Competition Group. They are advanced competition skaters who still enjoy their rounds at Skeuvel.

To participate in these trainings, you must first register for a training via the website. You do this by logging into the site and then clicking on the "Member" heading. Then you will see a button at the top of the page with "Register".

The registration system works with a preferred day. Your preferred day gives you priority on that day, but does not give you the certainty that you can skate because of a maximum number of members on the Ice Rink. However, we strive to give you the opportunity to always train on your preferred day. You can indicate your preferred day to the secretary.

The registration period has two terms. The first term runs from 48 hours to 12 hours before the training. The second term runs from 12 hours to 2 and a half hours before training.
During the first term, your preferred day entitles you to attend the training, provided that the maximum number of registrations has not yet been reached. If you register for a training that does not take place on your preferred day, you will be on the reserve list until 12 hours before the start of the training. At that moment, if there are still places available, you will be placed on the final list. You will automatically receive a message by e-mail.
In the second term, the right to preference day no longer applies, here applies: first come, first served. So you can immediately see whether you can skate or if you are placed on the reserve list. If someone unsubscribes, you can be taken off the reserve list, which you will automatically receive an email. So even if you are on the reserve list, you must unsubscribe as soon as you are sure that you do not want to participate in the training.

Forgot to register? Contact the board. There is a big chance that the training isn't ful and that you can still join.

Your material is also very important on the ice. Make sure your skates are sharp and fit properly. We do not recommend the plastic "combiners" (combinoren), such as the cheap ones rented out by the ice rink. This restricts the freedom of movement that is so important for skating. For a little more comfort and firmness, a semi-high softboot is a better alternative. Regular low shoes (noren) are also good to start with. Clap skates are not recommended to start with, only the better half of the green group (people who get through the bend well) are recommended to wear clap skates.

Voor kleding is het vooral belangrijk dat het voldoende warm is en ook bewegingsruimte biedt. Een spijkerbroek voldoet hier niet aan. Gebruik als broek liever een lange hardloopbroek, een salopette of een trainingsbroek. Schaatskleding is te bestellen via onze vereniging. Daarvoor kan je contact opnemen met onze intern (

On the Ice Rink a number of rules apply for your own safety and that of others, follow these carefully:

  • The 400-meter rink is split in three lanes: the inner most lane: fast skaters, the middle lane: technique excersises, the outer most lane: resting lane, beginners;
  • Voordat je aan een oefening begint of als je wil inhalen kijk je eerst over je schouder of er ruimte is;
  • Uitrijden gebeurt met maximaal 2 rijders naast elkaar, als je een groep inhaalt ga je achter elkaar rijden;
  • Waarschuw wanneer je mensen wilt passeren en er weinig/geen ruimte is;
  • Als je valt waarschuw je anderen door te schreeuwen, houd je je schaatsen laag, maak je jezelf zo klein mogelijk en houd je hoofd van het ijs. Ook als je iemand anders ziet vallen geldt: waarschuw anderen;
  • Voor eigen veiligheid beschermende kleding dragen. Handschoenen en muts zijn verplicht, helm en snijvaste bescherming wordt zeer sterk aangeraden;
  • Always skate counter-clockwise;
  • The back side of the skate must be rounded over to not have a sharp point. This must roughly match a one cent coin;
  • During the ice preparation brakes, you are not allowed to be on the ice;
  • It is forbidden to sit or hang on the cushions;
  • Use of the accommodation and her services is for your own risk;
  • Instructions from the track staff and trainers must be followed at all times;
  • Entering the ice floor without skates if forbidden;

After every training we drink a cup of hot chocolate in the Ice Rink Café together with anyone who wants to. After our training hours, a special Skeuvel deal even applies, making the chocolate milk cheaper!

Core- and Strength training

During the core and Strength training, the focus is mainly on strengthening the core. In addition, it is a physically challenging training in which you build strength and maintain the condition. This training is held at the Watersport Complex of the University of Twente (Auke Vleerstraat 99).