Club of 100

Club of 100

The 'Club of 100' consists of a group of people who want to support D.S.V. de Skeuvel financially. With this they make the enthusiasm for skating as well as the student-sport-culture possible. Members of the Club of 100 donate a minimum of 100 euro to D.S.V. de Skeuvel en can choose to which goal this money is spent. This means the money goes to either the winter trainings, the summer trainings, parties / drinks or to the association in general. More information about the Club of 100 can be found in this brochure.

Members of the Club van 100

These toppers are members of the Club of 100! Together they make it possible that different goals within the categories sports winter, sports summer and parties can be achieved!

Do you also have a warm heart for the Skeuvel? Mail to and become a member!

Jip Spel

Toen ik net lid was van Skeuvel heb ik, als Bambi die de boarding net kon loslaten, meegedaan aan het UTK. Sindsdien ben ik meerdere keren per week op het ijs te vinden om te trainen en training te geven. Om anderen ook de mogelijkheid te geven kennis te maken met het studentenschaatsen, daarom ben ik donateur van Skeuvel geworden.

Marijn Zwier

Club of 100 goals

0 of the €250

Sponsoring UTC (UTK)

0 of the €250

Protective equipment to borrow for inline skating

0 of the €150

Rounds for the Skeuvel drink

Goals achieved

Skeuvelcamera - 2019

With the help of the contribution from the Club of 100, Skeuvel was able to buy a photo camera! Now the members of the association take razor sharp photos at activities, competitions and trips. Have you already spotted these beautiful photos on our website?